I am Dr. Dominique Manasson, I specialize in Non-Force Chiropractic. I was born in Marseille, in the south of France. Following in tdr-dominiquehe footsteps of my father, a chiropractic pioneer, I graduated cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic. My brother, Gerard and sister, Catherine, also studied chiropractic medicine and graduated from Palmer College.

Probably from the first day we were born, our father made sure our spines were aligned. As we traveled, our father would take care of people’s spines. He had a genuine desire to help others. He also instructed us about the benefits of good nutrition: macrobiotic and organic foods, as well as leading an active lifestyle. As a family, we participated in many sports: snow skiing, sailing, water skiing, jogging, volleyball. Our mother was also an exceptional person, a great natural-foods cook with a wonderful artistic eye. She has inspired my love of interior design. She took Catherine and me to our first yoga class at age 13.

After my studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic, I interned in Key West, Florida. I then joined the family chiropractic clinic in France. Eventually, I opened my office in Ventura County. I have a son, Kyle, who is a delight in my life. He is very active and creative, loves to travel…and enjoys being treated with Mom’s Non-Force Chiropractic Technique!

My passions in life are wellness, decorating, travel and sports. I love to be active, taking my dog Brandy for long walks on the beach, doing yoga, lifting weights and surfing. Thank you Ventura for the beautiful waves!

My Philosophy:
I cherish quality of life, for everyone. I specialize in “body mechanics,” creating good alignment for optimal functioning. My goal is to restore quality of life to my patients. Each human being is unique and responds in a different way to life’s challenges and traumas. Injuries we sustain will impact us in unique ways. Non-Force Technique takes into account each person’s uniqueness as we have assimilated the experiences of our lives.