Nathan Hilpert

“Dr. Dominique Manasson and family Chiropractic offer a non-force solution to back problems that works.

After trying several alternatives without success I scheduled an appointment to visit Dominique.

The Treatment Works!

With less than 2 weeks of consecutive treatment, I went from barely being able to pull myself out of bed to conquering a 5 hour motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to Monterey, CA. I thought I would have to cancel my trip, but Dominique saved the day. Thanks Mika!”


Nathan Hilpert5 Stars
Bonnie Potts  - Financial Advisor, Camarillo

“During the summer of 2007, my back was damaged in a car accident. Despite visiting several medical doctors & traditional chiropractors for 7 months, I was in constant discomfort and pain.My condition was the same and I wasn’t interested in just popping pills the rest of my life.

Then I met Dr. Manasson. Her special precise technique left me walking out of every appointment without pain. My condition has actually improved and I don’t take any prescriptions or see any other doctors. I would recommend her to anyone with back pain who is interested in long-term results not just temporary relief.”


Bonnie Potts - Financial Advisor, Camarillo5 stars

“When i first saw Mika I was stiff, and in pain. Now I am loosening up and I am back to work and back to the beach surfing.

Dominique helped me feel like myself again. Thank you, Dominique!”


Justin Mazalin
Leslie James - Certified Reflexologist Ventura, CA

“Dr. Dominique Manasson has been treating me weekly for the past two months, and I’m truly amazed with the results of her non-force technique. I have a scoliosis which has caused me great discomfort for many years, in spite of repeated traditional chiropractic treatments

Now, with Dominique’s very precise non-force adjustments, the corrections are lasting and I have a straighter spine and much diminished discomfort. What a great relief! Dominique is very caring and kind, and professional. Merci beaucoup, Dominique!”


Leslie James - Certified Reflexologist Ventura, CA5 Stars
Nancy Scantlebury - 75 years old

“My experience with Dominique is very positive. She is conscientious and she always makes me feel comfortable. I am feeling better overall as well as my arm that I came for.”


Nancy Scantlebury - 75 years old5 Stars

I have been seeing Dr. Dominique Manasson for well over 15 years. I was with her when she made the switch from traditional cracking method to the much improved Non-Force Technique.

I travel a lot and try to use other chiropractors when I am not able to visit Dr. Manasson.

I NEVER get the same results.

I injured my back severely about 10 years ago and every time I need an adjustment I go visit her and come out feeling much better instantly!

The office is very well laid out with nice ambient music playing. Her treatment is so gentle and comfortable I often fall asleep while being treated! I feel so fortunate to live in the same city as her I do not know what I would do if I lived anywhere else!!!


Kyle5 Stars