Non-Force Chiropractic Care
Our clinic specializes in non-force technique as taught by Dr. Ven Rump D.C. This gentle, highly specific chiropractic technique corrects joint misalignments in the spine, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, ankles, and jaw without twisting, and popping of the bones.

Physical Therapy
Hydrocollator hot packs or ice are applied to the areas of pain increasing circulation, relaxing the muscles or decreasing swelling.

Intermittent Manual Traction to the cervicodorsal spine decompresses the joints, increases mobility and promotes healing

Spinal & Postural Evaluation and Correction
Good posture enhances our well being and facilitates proper biomechanics.

Neuromuscular Therapy compliments chiropractic adjustments for regaining good posture.

Corrective & Stretching, stretching, stretching exercises are demonstrated. Please read Aesop’s Fables, The Oak and the Reed: “But do not worry:the winds for me are much less dangerous then for thee; I bend, not break.” Jean de la Fontaine

Preventive measures are demonstrated based on each patient’s need so as to avoid reinjury.